1. How do I find the garment I want?
    We have categorized all our clothes by its type (i.e. tops, skirts, beachwear, bridesmaid) to make it easier to find what you want.
  2. Is an account necessary to order?
  3. How can I make a purchase?
    • Select the item you prefer
    • Then select your size
    • And simply click “add to cart”
    • Finally you can click on your shopping and select checkout for payment and shipping details



  1. Can I exchange an item?
    Of course! Malaysia Customers: Exchange is possible within 14 days for local deliveries.
  2. Will I be fully refunded if I dislike the garment?
    Unfortunately we do not provide any refunds, however you may exchange the item for another when returned.



  1. How safe is it to use my credit / debit card on your website?
    YES, we are using one of the leading and trusted payment gateway in Malaysia, which has all the latest security features and standards.
  2. Safety of my personal data and privacy?
    Shayint.com is running on one of the most secure e-commerce platforms and your personal data is protected.



  1. How do I make sure the items fits me?
    You can refer to our size chart on our website to have a better idea about the fitting.
  2. What are the benefits of signing up/ registering at Shay int.?
    You will always be notified of upcoming sales or flash sales.
  3. Forgotten Password?
    Please go to your account on our website and follow the forgetmypassword link.